Camera In Action Philosophy

Camera In Action aims to be a people platform where a common person regardless of any industry or interest can come and improves his/ her acting or presentation skills that are must in any career going forward and also open a door to earn handsome royalty-based income for life-time. Thousands of passionate photographers across the country will capture the essence of Indian culture via Indian faces among all age group to serve it to the global audience and meet a huge surge in demand for creative images and videos with Indian faces.

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It’s exciting and rewarding

The entire journey with Camera In Action is going to be completely exciting and rewarding as you will be entitled to earn royalty-based income for a small photo shoot that will be utilized by reputed firms for their respective brand promotions and marketing. Yes, it’s an awesome opportunity to meet and communicate directly with young talented people and business houses and media industry that can change your life incredibly.


the Revolution is easy

Signup to the Camera In Action Mango People Community

Acknowledge the user policy guidelines and agreement

Fix-up a Schedule for Photo shoot

Fix-up your schedule for the photo shoot in coordination with team

Subscribe as per your interest

Subscribe to community as per your interest by paying a small fee

Follow guidelines to get featured

Best shots will get published on platform which maximizes your chance to get featured & get brand assignments too.

Congrats! As a partner it’s payback time

Get paid for the real efforts in form of royalty-base income that you get every time someone buy your images


a Hero has its perks

Stunning Digital Portfolio worth ₹5000

Massive Social Media Reach & Attention

Professional Photo shoots worth ₹20,000

Partnership for Royalty-based Income

Brand assignments from various industries

Transparent Dashboard to notify usage of your photos

Sharing is caring & rewarding here!

Taking a Step Ahead with Camera In Action means giving you a second mode of earnings and opportunity while helping the world seeking creative images/ video and essence of Indian faces.

Empowering you and people like you

Singing up with Camera In Action means helping many talented people across the country to get inspired—from beginners to models to professionals like you.

It’s motivating

You never know if this small step can change your life by bringing amazing career opportunities. Yes!

It’s going to motivate your inner thoughts of being a brand ambassador or model or an actor.

It’s meaningful

Finding your creative work includes photos/ videos in Google, Facebook, and other channels are awesome.
Receiving thank-you’s from all over the world is heart-warming. It makes you a personal brand and gives a meaning to your beautiful career ahead!

Small Packages

Amazing Benefits

@ ₹10,000/-

The StepAhead

  • ✔ FREE Digital Portfolio worth ₹5,000
  • ✔ Makeup Artist for Photo shoot worth ₹3,000
  • ✔ Get the chance to learn Acting Skills from well known faces worth ₹10,000
  • ✔ Social Reach to 50000+ people via Social Media worth ₹20,000
  • ✔ Featured Space on CIA
  • ✔ 10 to 15 HD Images of You worth ₹20,000
  • ✔ Royalty-based income
  • ✔ Brand Assignments**

Contact Info:

+91- 92050 38550

Delhi, 110059

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